Volumetric Lightrays in After Effects

Hang around in the Visual Effects community for a little while, and you will quickly realize that special effects can cost you a pretty penny. Not only is it expensive getting the software to get you started in visual effects, or VFX, but there are thousands of plugins and libraries that expand what you can do an how well you can do it, but almost always at a price. This is why a high quality effect that you can do with just the base software is a gem, and that’s exactly what we have for you today! In case you missed their tutorial, videocopilot.net released a tutorial for 3D Light Rays and volumetric lighting, all native in After Effects. While it may not be as powerful as some of the third party plugins, this tutorial gives you clean, professional looking effects without having to drop another couple hundred dollars. As always, their explanations are both concise and thorough, so it is perfect for VFX veterans and newcomers alike. To check it out, visit videocopilot.net, or click the link below, and enjoy!



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