Get in on the ground floor: maximize your opportunities with Docker training

People with “Rails” experience are among the top paid developers today. This is something that shows up on those list-style articles from time to time (“Top Developer Skills of 2014,” “Highest Paid Developers” – that sort of thing).

It’s not because the framework is hard to learn. Quite the contrary. But a cursory examination of job postings reveals that recruiters are looking for folks “with 5-7 years of experience.” This for a technology that’s barely nine years old.

In other words: they only want people who’ve been there since the beginning. People who got in at the ground floor. That’s what’s driving salaries up.

We’re similarly at the ground floor now of a fledgling technology called Docker. If you’re reading this, you’ve heard of it, and you know – based on the behavior of Google, Microsoft, and others, (plus your own understanding of its obvious utility) – that it’s here to stay. In one form or another, cloud technologies, containerization, and the micro-services model of architecture will constitute a large part of our digital future.

Docker is the first major player in the containerization part of this paradigm. And it has the buy in, the dedicated community, and the early name recognition to remain an essential technology for the next 10 years and beyond.

That’s why InfoSiftr is excited to be among the first in the world offering official, Docker-authorized training. As a Docker partner and core maintainer, we can share the insights, shortcuts, and potential pitfalls we’ve discovered in our tenure with this two-year-old technology. We’ll send you back to work with the know-how to make your company a successful first mover with Docker, and we’ll give you a certificate to differentiate you as someone who actually knows what it’s all about.

Because there is a distinction to be made here: don’t be fooled into thinking Docker is a VMWare substitute, and don’t let anyone tell you Docker is just “cgroups in the cloud.” Docker training will give you the nuanced understanding you need to make full use of this new, potentially world-changing tool.

Get the training. Get started. Get in on the ground floor. And in five years you’ll be among the few who can call themselves a Docker SME with a straight face.

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