The Time is Now: Docker Training and Container Summit in SF 9/21 – 9/22, 50% Off for Vegas Locals

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“Containers are eating the world.” So said Joyent CEO Scott Hammond at the NYC Container Summit earlier this year. And he’s right: containers – along with the microservices and cloud technologies containers complement – represent a new and revolutionary way of handling development, operations, and application architecture. Their impact will only continue to grow over the next decade.

You have a chance to be part of that impact. On September 22, the container community is having another Container Summit, this time in San Francisco. We’ll discuss why containers are ready for enterprise usage – and why it’s important for leaders to get started right away (details here).

We’re also offering Docker training the day before the conference (9/21 from 1-5pm), including a rundown of Dockerfiles, Docker Compose, Docker Machine, and Docker Swarm. (If you know about containers, you know that Docker is the leading technology for container-based architecture.) This training is a great starting point to familiarize yourself with the latest Docker features, as well as learning about proper Docker integration for your enterprise.

Here’s a breakdown of the two training sessions:

Session 1: Cover basic Dockerfiles “gotchas” for the beginner user, and work our way up to showing some more involved Dockerfiles. We’ll run through more involved “gotchas” as well as covering some more advanced patterns before showing how to orchestrate multi-container applications with Docker Compose.

Session 2: Illustrate automated Docker host creation with Docker Machine, multi-host orchestration with Docker Swarm, and how to integrate the Docker Compose/Machine/Swarm tools to work in concert and orchestrate across multiple hosts.

Taken together, the Docker Training and Container Summit represent a kind of two day container bootcamp – an opportunity for new and advanced users to ask questions, develop their skills, and continue down a path toward mastering these new technologies.

Because Hammond was right: containers are “eating the world.” And, as Gartner cloud infrastructure analyst Dennis Smith said, the best thing developers can do is to “act now.” Start changing the way you develop and test. Start integrating container deployment into your workflow. Come to the SF training and Summit on 9/21 and 9/22.

The dev and ops worlds are changing around you: to hesitate now is to risk obsolescence.

To learn more about the Container Summit or to register and get your 50% the normal price, go here, signup and use this code “InfoSiftr50Gold” for your 50% off the normal ticket price.

This is a limited time offering and is only open for the first 15 spots. There will be no other offerings made after these 15 spots are sold.

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