Docker Las Vegas Meetup Helping Shape the “Next Big Thing”

Maybe you’ve heard about Docker: it’s the latest “unicorn” company, the darling of dev teams and operations alike, and the most exciting new tech since virtualization (as Forbes speculates).

It’s also relatively unknown to the popular media (outside of that Forbes article).

The reason is simple: Docker is just over two years old. And though it’s already improved and disrupted some major players like Google, it has yet to enter the popular consciousness. It’s a fledgling technology, and groups of early adopters around the world are meeting now to develop, define, and improve its capabilities. They’re deciding what Docker will be, before the rest of the world even knows it exists.

One of those groups meets right here in Las Vegas, at the Innevation Center in the Switch building. “Docker Las Vegas” is a gathering of developers, techies, and entrepreneurs who meet once monthly to discuss Docker, containers, and the new world of “devops.” It’s a place to talk about the future of Docker, and it’s organized by InfoSiftr’s own Justin Steele and Kim Payne, among others.

“Las Vegas is potentially a hotbed for this kind of innovation,” says Steele, InfoSiftr’s President. “We have Switch, a local company and Cloud Native Computing Foundation member, and we have a lot of companies here who may be interested in Docker containerization. We have a real opportunity to be part of an ecosystem in Las Vegas. To build it up from the ground floor.”

Part of that building up involves bringing in outside speakers. This past month, Docker Las Vegas brought in John Tsai from SaltStack, a devops platform that can be used to orchestrate Docker containers. Previously, Docker Las Vegas heard from Fred George, an active member of the Docker community both in Las Vegas and the West Coast (as well as the European market), and participated in the Docker Global Hack Day #3, a worldwide event innovating for and hacking on Docker.

“Being part of that larger global community is huge,” Steele says. “InfoSiftr is fortunate to have a Docker core maintainer among our senior management, so we’re tied into what’s happening as Docker continues to change the IT world on a global scale. But the local communities are just as important. We’re doing it right here. We have a lot of people here, and they’re doing some cool things at Docker Las Vegas.”

You, too, can be a part of Docker Las Vegas. You don’t have to be an IT expert (we’ve had entrepreneurs, lawyers, and simply interested folks stop by in the past). You don’t even have to know what Docker is. Just sign up. Come listen. Contribute.

Docker is a world changing innovation. It’s also open source. It doesn’t get built without people like you.


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