Intro to Containers at Container Summit (NYC – 2/9/16)

IT professionals get invited to a lot of conferences.

There’s the big cons (Black Hat, DEFCON, InterOps), the vendor-specific (but still huge) stuff like re:Invent, the small niche stuff no one’s ever heard of, and the industry-specific, region-specific, public, private, commercial and government smattering of summits, symposiums, trade shows and expos we all know and love.

It’s amazing you get any work done. Even more amazing you have time to assimilate new trends and tools into your regular work flow.

So, we get it: there’s too many conferences.

But you should still come to the Container Summit in February.

We’ll be there for Zero Day, 2/9/16, giving a workshop on “Introduction to Containers.” Here you can learn from InfoSiftr’s own Talon Bowler and Tianon Gravi (a Docker core maintainer), and gain a deep understanding of containers – their functions, their definitions, the “how-to” of their implementation. This is a great intro to containers for hands-on Linux folks.

Then, stick around 2/10/16 for the summit proper, where we’ll hear war stories and best practices from the likes of Docker, Joyent, Switch, IBM,, Dell, and others.

You’ve heard about containers, and if you follow our blog you must know: they are the future of application architecture. It’s time to embrace them in your own enterprise.

We know you have a time, training, and travel budget (like anyone). Budget for containers this year. Your competition already may have.


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