Docker and Mesosphere Visit Docker Las Vegas Meetup

Application architecture is changing. It’s changing on the development end, with Docker containers, the mircoservices design philosophy, and new tooling for networking, security, and orchestration. And it’s changing on the devops end with companies like Mesosphere, whose “Mesosphere DCOS” facilitates running distributed apps in a datacenter or cloud.

We were fortunate to have both perspectives at the Docker Las Vegas Meetup this week, with a presentation from Mesosphere’s Aaron Williams (Head of Developer Advocacy) and Derrick Harris (Senior Research Analyst), and a talk by Docker Solutions Architect Nicola Kabar. Mesosphere’s presentation focused on interfaces and tools for their highly-used orchestration platform (with Docker support built in), while Docker’s Nicola Kabar discussed Docker Swarm as well as, (briefly), the new Docker Datacenter. Both presentations featured insights and tools that are top of mind for anyone in the microservices space.

“What we’re seeing here are all these tools coming together to help people do their jobs,” said Meetup organizer and InfoSiftr President Justin Steele. “It was interesting to have both perspectives at the Meetup because Docker and Mesosphere are competing in some ways, but they’re both working to make devops more efficient. To (InfoSiftr SVP) Tianon Gravi’s point, there’s no benefit to ‘the overhead of extra processes.’ Both Docker and Mesosphere are stripping that extra stuff away, Docker working from the app side, Mesos on the devops side.”

The Meetup had a great turnout with 20+ attendees present and asking insightful questions.

We hope all 20+ will join us again next month as we celebrate Docker’s third birthday. New attendees are more than welcome too, as we’ll be working to expand the Docker user base with some free training / mentoring. There won’t be cake and ice cream, but there will be pizza and soda, and a chance to learn how Docker is changing the devops landscape.

Sign up by following this link to the Docker Las Vegas March meeting page:



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