Container Summit NYC Panel Discussion: Evolving Container Ecosystem

Earlier this month, InfoSiftr attended Container Summit NYC. We were there for Zero Day, with our own Talon Bowler and Tianon Gravi delivering training on “Introduction to Containers”:

Container Summit Docker Training

We also stuck around for the summit proper, where we heard war stories and best practices, and discussed the “state of the art” for Docker and containers in 2016.

One of those “state of the art” discussions included InfoSiftr’s Tianon Gravi. He sat down with Joyent, Docker, Canonical, Datadog, ClusterHQ, and Tutum for a panel on “The Evolving Container Ecosystem: What’s Next?,” and discussed the future of containers, including “what angers him” about the current container ecosystem.

“What angers me the most… is that it’s just not quite mature enough,” Tianon said. “We’re getting there. We’re a lot further now than we were the last time we had this panel in New York.”

The panel saw open source collaboration as a positive force to further the development of the ecosystem.

“There’s a lot of working together on these things,” Tianon said. “It’s not really as much a competition as it is we’re all in this together. We’re all using the same kernel features at the end of the day… I think having multiple, competing implementations of this container runtime helps… because we’re all looking at the same issues from a slightly different angle, and so they’re more likely to be discovered and thus fixed, and we all benefit from that.”

The panel also discussed the learning curve that attends new tech like Docker – and the confusion that ensues as many new people learn to code.

“We’re on a trajectory that’s going straight up,” Tianon said. Comparing it to literacy, Tianon said, “We got a lot more confusion after we could read the Bible because we could actually debate back and forth.”

Check out the complete video (with great contributions from Joyent’s Bryan Cantrill, Docker’s Jessica Frazelle, Canonical’s Dustin Kirkland, Datadog’s Ilan Rabinovitch, ClusterHQ’s Stephen Nguyen, and Tutum’s Borja Burgos, along with InfoSiftr’s Tianon Gravi) by following the link below:


InfoSiftr at Container Summit


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