Docker Las Vegas Celebrates Docker’s Third Birthday

Last week, Docker Las Vegas celebrated Docker’s third birthday with free Docker training, cake, and our usual conversation and Q&A. There was a great turnout with new people experiencing Docker for the first time – or getting clarification before deploying Docker in their own environments.

Docker Las Vegas Training

Infosiftr’s Joe Ferguson gave an intro to Docker presentation, complete with a hands-on demo (see, and both Joe and InfoSiftr’s Tianon Gravi were on hand to answer questions.

In particular, Meetup members wanted to know: “How do you let your team work in Docker without giving everyone access to root?”

Tianon and Joe explained that while the Docker daemon runs as the root user, Docker containers themselves are running processes that don’t require root access for support or interaction. Instead of using the docker cli, users could interface with a subset of the Docker API, a “reasonably simple REST API,” in order to access container features, logging, and support functions.

“You wouldn’t have to give direct Docker access to your tier one support,” Tianon said.

Docker Las Vegas Meetup

We’re happy to support the continued growth of Docker locally and hope our many new attendees will become Docker Las Vegas regulars. Our April Meetup will feature Docker Swarm – a newly updated orchestration tool that recently outperformed Kubernetes with a 500% speed advantage. Sign up for that meeting below:



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