Announcing Docker Authorized Repository Management (ARM) from InfoSiftr

“The thing for me that makes application containers so exciting is that we lose the overhead of extra processes.” So said Tianon Gravi in his discussion on the benefits of Docker. And it's true: anything which is not your application, which does not contribute to your business and bottom line, is extraneous and best forgotten.

Docker made such forgetting possible by popularizing container technology and “stripping out” extra processes so, “you're only running the process that you're actually interested in.”

Now InfoSiftr is taking it a step further, with our Authorized Repository Management (ARM) service. We're making it possible to forget about Docker, by and large, with authorized repositories that combine the best work from upstream software maintainers, security experts, and the open source community to support your team's development efforts.

What is Authorized Repository Management ?

InfoSiftr is taking the grunt work out of development by providing essential base OS repositories, plus drop-in solutions for popular programming language runtimes, data stores, and other services.

In other words: we're providing a kind of platform for you to build on. We'll ensure security updates are applied ASAP, keep supported software versions up-to- date, and enable careful review of restrictions / permissions on what can be used and published within your organization.

Why should you care ?

Maintaining Docker images and repositories is a lot of work. It can consume internal resources and distract your developers from working on what's most important (your applications).

InfoSiftr is doing this work at scale and can deliver cost savings to you, in addition to the Docker expertise that comes from our obsessive focus on this technology.

Our expertise means we provide:

  • Clear image documentation to avoid common errors
  • Best practices to promote across your organization
  • Images designed for the most common use cases to avoid repetitive work

How do you get started ?

We announced our Authorized Repository Management service today as part of the Interop Container Summit. If you're at Interop now, we encourage you to visit us at booth 648 on May 4 & 5, or to join us for one of the many container events happening throughout the week.

If you weren't able to make it to Interop this year, please feel free to drop us a line regarding InfoSiftr's Authorized Repository Management service. We'd love to chat with you.


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