Quali CloudShell for Infrastructure Sandboxing – Docker Las Vegas May Meetup

Last week, Quali presented their CloudShell product to the Docker Meetup group here in Las Vegas. This is a sandboxing tool that serves as a kind of container for infrastructure, allowing you to replicate production environments with blueprinted configurations. The result is faster dev/test cycles, faster sales cycles, and improved lab efficiency.

“Containers allow you to take an app and package it up in a way that’s extremely portable,” Quali’s Hans Ashlock said at the Meetup. “You can think of CloudShell as providing a kind of container for the infrastructure.”

Ashlock said CloudShell’s sandbox environments recreate entire production-like environments – with appropriate configurations – giving developers and sales engineers access to an infrastructure that looks and feels like the enterprise environment. This “eliminates the risk of there being issues when they deploy their applications to production.”

“All the Cisco switches will get configured, the VLANs will get configured, so the developer just has everything they need to do whatever,” Ashlock said.

According to Docker Las Vegas organizer and InfoSiftr president Justin Steele, the infrastructure support Quali provides is just as important as higher-level concerns like containerization and orchestration.

“Docker’s Mike Coleman compares VMs to houses and containers to apartments with shared plumbing,” Steele said. “But whether you’re building a house or an apartment, you still need a foundation. That’s the infrastructure – the base layer that everything stands on.”

Steele said InfoSiftr is working on using Quali as “part of the infrastructure” for their clients since Quali has “tons and tons of libraries” and is vendor-agnostic.

“It would take you years and years to do this yourself,” Steele said. “Or you’d bring a vendor in and then you’re locked in to a certain vendor. We also see cases where clients are paying a third-party to handle all the infrastructure for them, and they’re giving away $70,000 a month. An AWS-style solution is fine at first, but over time if you’re running a large operation, you get a lot of savings bringing that in house with the help of tools like CloudShell.”

Please join us in thanking Hans Ashlock and the Quali team for their presentation and support during Interop. Check out the Quali Sales Enablement and Quali Lab as a Service pages, or visit their home page here.


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