Top 10 DockerCon Sessions (Part One)

Docker has shared more videos from DockerCon in the form of a “top 10” list. These are the 10 best DockerCon sessions (as voted by DockerCon 2016 attendees).

They include:

  • Thinking Inside the Container: A Continuous Delivery Story by Mayfield Stewart, Riot Games
  • Building a container supervisor by Michael Crosby
  • What’s new in Docker 1.12 by Andrea Luzzardi and Mike Goelzer
  • The Golden Ticket: Docker and High Security Microservices by Aaron Grattafiori
  • Docker Security Deep Dive by David Lawrence and Ying Li

…among others.

Access to these first five videos (and slides) is available now (follow the link below). We expect to see the remainder of the top 10 DockerCon sessions from Docker soon:



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