Top 10 DockerCon Sessions (Part Two)

Docker has shared five more favorite DockerCon sessions (as voted by DockerCon 2016 attendees)

They include:

  • runC: The little engine that could (run Docker containers) by Docker Captain Phil Estes, IBM
  • Sharding Containers: Make Go Apps Computer-Friendly Again by Andrey Sibiryov
  • Getting Deep on Orchestration: APIs, Actors, and Abstractions in a Distributed System by Docker Captain Jeff Nickoloff, All In Geek
  • Docker for Ops: Extending Docker with APIs, Drivers and Plugins by Arnaud Porterie and Anusha Ragunathan
  • Microservices + Events + Docker = Perfect Trio by Chris Richardson

These five videos and slides are available at the link below:



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