Samsung Acquires Joyent: Congratulations from the Container Community!

Last month, electronics giant Samsung acquired Joyent, a cloud computing startup and major proponent of container technologies. This was to give Samsung “access to its own cloud platform capable of supporting… mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based software and services,” according to a Samsung press release.

“Samsung evaluated a wide range of potential companies in the public and private cloud infrastructure space… In Joyent, we saw an experienced management team with deep domain expertise and a robust cloud technology validated by some of the largest Fortune 500 customers,”  Injong Rhee, Samsung Electronics’ CTO of Mobile Communications said in the release.

The acquisition benefits Joyent as well. Although the start-up has been on the “leading edge of technical innovation” for the past decade (see CEO Scott Hammond’s post), the organization lacked the deep pockets and scale to compete with providers like Amazon and Google.

“For our existing public cloud and private data center customers, adding scale, financial muscle, and Samsung… will pay big dividends,” Hammond wrote.

In a separate post, Joyent CTO Bryan Cantrill added, “our new-found level of scale will allow us to use our proven technologies to tackle a new scope of problems, and drive another generation of innovation that will have benefits not just within Samsung but far beyond it.”

According to Hammond, Joyent will continue to operate as “an independent subsidiary of Samsung,” and “will continue to invest heavily in supporting… existing customers, and in continuing the fast paced growth of [Joyent’s] business.” Hammond expects Joyent and Samsung’s shared culture of innovation and complementary technologies to “deliver extraordinary simplicity and value to… customers,” and “accelerate the speed of innovation for both companies in high growth market segments.”

Please join us in congratulating the Joyent team on this momentous occasion. We’re a partner to Joyent, and – like many in the container community – we’ve enjoyed their contributions and insights at container summits and conferences. We’ve seen firsthand the innovation of their engineering and the quality of their leadership, so we know Samsung has made a wise move by making this acquisition. Congratulations to both companies!


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