David Yu Shares Docker 1.12 Changes at Las Vegas Meetup

Docker 1.12 (announced at DockerCon 16), introduced a lot of changes. There’s built in Docker orchestration, for one thing, and a “secure by default” attitude that removes barriers to achieving strong container security. Ditto the built-in routing mesh that makes container-native load balancing and Swarm-wide overlay networking a breeze. It’s clear: the Docker 1.12 changes are big news. They tackle the concerns of earlier releases and make using Docker simpler for everyone.

We had the good fortune to hear about Docker 1.12 from Docker’s own David Yu, who visited our Docker Las Vegas meetup last week. Yu discussed Docker 1.12 changes with our local meetup members, and provided insight into the development philosophy of Docker itself.

“We’re building Docker incrementally, in the open,” Yu said. “We want to eliminate friction in the development cycle.”

According to Yu’s presentation, the best tools, “get out of the way,” “adapt to you,” and “make the powerful simple.”

Docker has done all three by building orchestration in (and making it backward compatible with existing orchestration tools). Users developing new Dockerized solutions now have access to powerful Swarm functions using a few simple commands. And users with existing orchestration can be assured their old tools still work.

But the principle of “adapting to users’ needs” doesn’t stop there. Docker also recently announced Docker for Mac, Docker for Windows, Docker for Azure, and Docker for AWS – ensuring developers can achieve a smooth, “Docker native” experience regardless of their preferred OS or hosting solution. (Much of this is still in beta, and, as one meetup attendee pointed out, has its limitations, but it represents a step toward making Docker more accessible to everyone).

Yu closed his presentation by discussing the (still experimental) “Distributed Application Bundles” (DABs), which bundle artifacts to ship and deploy multi-container apps, and introducing the Docker Store, a “marketplace for validated software,” which can be found at store.docker.com

Did you miss David Yu’s DockerCon recap? Check out this DockerCon video of Docker’s Mike Goelzer and Andrea Luzzardi discussing Docker Swarm Mode Orchestration, and follow this link to view slides on What’s New in Docker 1.12.


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