Advanced Containerization Training Online — Video Training from InfoSiftr

Containers represent a new paradigm in application architecture. Far from a simple “plug and play,” they force you to rethink and re-engineer the way software works. Put simply: containers are going to ruin your day. But, when used correctly, they can make your applications more flexible, more scaleable, and more efficient for years to come.

InfoSiftr’s Talon Bowler has a course to help get you there. Hosted online by O’Reilly, his “Advanced Containerization” video training will enhance your “understanding of containerization and the ecosystem surrounding it.” That means understanding the behind-the-scenes details of how containers operate — as well as how to design an application to take advantage of the powerful container model.

Because it isn’t enough to simply slap monolithic software inside a Docker container — the way you might install software on a VM. Containers are not VMs. They aren’t “lightweight VMs” or a VM replacement.

To take advantage of all they offer, you have to shift your thinking away from the VM model.

There are “changes and considerations you’ll have to make when designing an application to take full advantage of Linux containers,” according to Talon, and Talon’s course will help, “those who have dipped their toes into the container space… learn how to design [their] application around containers.”

Besides helping you containerize new and legacy applications, taking Talon’s course will allow you to…

  • Gain a deeper understanding of containerization and the tools of the ecosystem
  • Learn about cgroups, container runtimes (Docker, LXC, etc.), volumes, and bind mounts
  • Explore Linux namespaces, service discovery, and container orchestration

And you’ll be learning from the best. A Docker certified trainer, Talon has been using Docker since it was first released as an open source project. He has delivered training at DockerCon and the Container Summit, as well as for major companies like GE.

Now his world class training is available online for $50. It’s time for you to gain an advanced understanding of containers, affordably and at your leisure. Check out InfoSiftr’s Advanced Containerization training online now by following the link below:



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