Docker Global Mentor Week – Docker Las Vegas 11/15/16

Docker is holding a Docker Global Mentor Week, November 14 – 19, to provide “free Docker education through self-paced courses.” This is taking place worldwide, with code camps, CS schools, and meetup groups all providing local hosting (plus mentorship for new and intermediate users).

Docker Las Vegas is part of this initiative. We’ll be meeting November 15, 2016 at 6 PM at The Innevation Center (6795 Edmond St, Las Vegas, NV) to work through two self-paced online labs – one for beginners and one for intermediate users.

So you can show up, select your lab / learning level, and dive right in, with Docker mentors on hand to help you along the way.

“Docker users of all skill levels are welcome to join,” the Docker event planners wrote in an FAQ about Docker Global Mentor Week. “Mentors will attend the local events to help answer questions attendees may have while completing the… self-paced training.”

That said, InfoSiftr recommends that all attendees become familiar with prior to the event. Also, Mac users should familiarize themselves with, while Windows 10 users should check out

Follow this link to register for the Docker Global Mentor Event, hosted by Docker Las Vegas:

And if you’re a more advanced user, please contact InfoSiftr’s Kim Payne. We’d love to have you attend as a mentor. (Mentors should be experienced with Docker Engine, Docker Networking, Docker Hub or Tutum, Docker Machine, Docker Swarm, and Docker Compose).

Interested in sponsoring or getting your own students / meetup members involved? You should also drop Kim a line. This event is all about expanding the Docker community and fostering inclusiveness, especially for groups traditionally underrepresented in tech.

Let’s work together to give everyone access to the powerful architecture Docker enables. We’ll see you at the Docker Las Vegas event!



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