Docker on Windows Server: What It Means for You

Last month, we mentioned that Windows Server now supports Docker and that there would be a partnership between Docker and Microsoft going forward. This is the result of years of collaboration between Microsoft and Docker, and it’s big news for the Docker platform. As Scott M. Fulton III wrote for The New Stack, the Microsoft partnership, “gives Docker a kind of advantage it could never have attained in the open source arena,” since, “historically, enterprises’ principal objections to open source software has been that it lacks the same level and caliber of support as commercial software.”

With the Microsoft partnership, a Commercially Supported Docker Engine (CS Docker Engine) is now available at no cost with every edition of Windows Server 2016, and comes with enterprise support from Microsoft. Additionally, Microsoft will be promoting Docker Datacenter for containerized workloads. Talk about an expansion of the platform!

So this is a big deal for Docker, Inc. But what does it mean for developers and IT teams?

According to Docker, Windows Server users will now enjoy, “better security, more agility, and improved portability and freedom to move on-prem apps to the cloud,” and their partnership with Microsoft means the ability to, “containerize applications and give them seamless mobility across any infrastructure, whether bare metal, virtualized, or cloud.”

Meanwhile, according to eWeek, Docker Engine on Windows Server 2016 does not mean “complete interoperability between workloads running on [Linux and Windows],” though Docker Datacenter can, “orchestrate workloads in a heterogeneous data center.”

One thing’s certain: any environments running Windows Server are now ripe for a container revolution. We expect to see the Docker community continue its meteoric growth, as industries traditionally married to proprietary tech begin testing Docker on Windows 2016. Let us be the first to say “welcome!” to new users everywhere. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


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