Free Training: Docker Storage, Docker Volume Drivers

Last week, InfoSiftr hosted a free webinar on Docker volume drivers and storage. This was presented by Tianon Gravi (Docker Core Maintainer and SVP of Operations for InfoSiftr), and covered local volumes, bind mounts, and Docker volume plugins, as well as a brief overview of Docker itself.

“Docker is a process isolation / supervisor that has benefits similar to VMs in that it can isolate processes from one another,” Tianon said during the webinar, “but [it] doesn’t have the overhead of running a full hypervisor, which allows for increased density and utilization.”

Tianon demonstrated Docker’s capabilities by installing and running WordPress inside a Docker container, and connecting it to a single database which Docker handled “behind the scenes” via Docker volumes.

According to Tianon, Docker volumes come in two flavors: “the local driver volumes provided by Docker itself,” and, “custom drivers where you can load a plug-in to implement your own custom functionality for volumes in Docker.”

Local volumes may be standard local volumes (which can be managed via Docker’s volume management interface), or “bind mounts” (which allow you to better control where your storage lives, but sacrifice Docker’s volume management interface).

For the best of both, Tianon proposed using a “local persist volume plugin,” which took ,“the benefits of local volumes and the benefits of bind mounts and [combined] them together.”

“This plugin takes care of connecting the directory you want from your host to a volume which you can then attach to containers irrespective of where it lives on the host,” Tianon said.

Overall, Tianon’s webinar runs approximately 40 minutes, with 20 minutes leftover for Q&A. It contains several great demos, showcasing the local volumes, bind mounts, and volume plug-ins discussed above. Those new to Docker – as well as those hoping to learn more about addressing storage requirements in Docker – would benefit from this webinar.

The webinar can be viewed for free here:



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