TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (10/21/16–10/28/16)

Last week’s big container news came out of the OpenStack Summit, where IBM engineers demonstrated a live container migration, without service interruption. More on that below.

Last week also saw new tools and “how tos,” including a 10/26 tutorial on the Triton Container Name Service, a 10/25 tutorial on Dockerizing Go applications, and “Portainer,” a “lightweight and easy to use management UI for Docker.” This latter was the most upvoted link of the week on /r/Docker.

See below for our summaries of last week’s container news.

Docker Live Migrations

On 10/25/16, Phil Estes (IBM) and Shaun Murakami (IBM), demonstrated a live migration of container workloads, without service interruption. This was part of their OpenStack Summit presentation, “Live Container Migration on OpenStack.”

According to 10/26 coverage by The New Stack, Docker 1.13, “should be able to support this capability, initially in a limited way, thanks to a new capability called Checkpoint and Restore… which involves capturing the container’s current state into a collection of files on disk, so it can be later restored from the point it was frozen.”

This feature “could make it easier for administrators to move containers around their systems without disrupting services, adding to the agility and robustness of such services.”

New Tools & How Tos: Triton Container Name Service, Dockerizing Go Applications, Portainer

Triton Container Name Service — Last week, Joyent shared a 10/26 tutorial on the Triton Container Name Service, which helps users avoid the need to map DNS names to IP numbers. The tutorial compares Triton CNS to cell phones, which have a fixed number no matter where their end user is located (compare to landline phones, which require different numbers to reach the end user as they move from house to house). Triton CNS “gives a constant name to a changing infrastructure,” according to the tutorial.

Dockerizing Go Applications — Also last week, The New Stack shared a 10/25 tutorial on Dockerizing Go applications. The tutorial aims to “help you Dockerize your Go program as quickly as possible, as well as present fundamental solutions that are popular in Docker and Go communities.”

Portainer — This Docker management UI was the most upvoted link of the week on the Docker subreddit. It’s a “fantastic GUI,” that “works with Windows containers as well,” according to one Reddit user. Check out the Portainer Reddit discussion and the Portainer website

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