Docker Opens Containerd – Notes from Docker Las Vegas 1/17/17 Meetup

Last month, Docker Inc. opened up containerd – Docker engine’s core container runtime – turning it into a community project. This is big news. It means moving innovation further “up the stack,” according to Docker founder Solomon Hykes (as quoted in The New Stack), and it represents a shift in philosophy for Docker Inc., a company some accused of moving too quickly (and making lower layer decisions too unilaterally), earlier last year.

InfoSiftr’s Justin Steele explained the move during our Docker Las Vegas meetup last week. His containerd presentation (including slides provided by Docker Inc.), covers containerd’s place in the Docker Engine, its role in the container ecosystem, and the benefits of opening containerd (both to operators and end users).

“It definitely is a shift in philosophy,” Steele said, referring to a diagram which shows containerd sitting on everything from Linux, Windows, and Mac OS to Solaris and Smart OS. “Docker is saying: ‘we’ve heard everybody, we know we need to have a diverse collaboration on this.’”

According to Steele’s presentation, that collaboration is going to mean a stable API that can work with all leading orchestrators. It also means Docker can continue to innovate at its accelerated pace without destabilizing the “boring infrastructure” at the lower levels.

“As an end user who’s happy with Docker, you don’t have to worry about the details of this,” Steele said. “It just means things are going to get more stable over time.”

Steele’s presentation also covered the roadmap to containerd 1.0 (currently 0.2.4), which includes, “moving more core components into containerd to make it more robust.” Docker is also, “trying to find a home for the containerd project,” and is committed to donating it to a, “neutral, open foundation in Q1 2017.”

The presentation closes with a Q&A about containerd, provided by Docker Inc., and links to more information. We encourage you to check out the complete presentation by following the link below:




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