Hands-on Container Training Day at Container World

InfoSiftr, a Docker authorized solutions provider and training partner of Docker, is bringing a full-day of hands-on container training to Container World on 21 February 2017 ahead of the full 2-day conference on 22-23 February at the Santa Clara Convention Center, in Santa Clara, CA. You can attend at a discounted rate with code INFOS here.

This is the second year InfoSiftr has offered intensive container training at the event, and has expanded their offering from a half-day introduction to containers, to a full day of container training: a morning workshop, “Introduction to Containers” and an afternoon session, “Intermediate Containers Administration and Operations.” The two half-day pre-conference workshops will provide participants with a solid understanding of why containers exist and the benefits received by using containers in production. Participants will also learn to perform the basic tasks needed to get started with containers and integrate it into their working environment.

The workshops will be taught by leaders in the container ecosystem, Tianon Gravi, InfoSiftr SVP of Operations and Talon Bowler, Docker trainer and InfoSiftr’s resident language expert. Both instructors bring deep involvement with Docker and containers. Gravi has been InfoSiftr’s lead on the Docker project for three years, is a member of the Docker Governance Advisory Board and is a Docker Project maintainer. Bowler is an official image maintainer for Docker and has been a Docker trainer since 2015.

Specific learning goals for “Introduction to Containers” offered on Feb. 21, 9AM – 12:15PM, include:

  • Learn what Containers are and what it is for
  • Learn the terminology; define images, containers, etc.
  • Gain a deep understanding of containers
  • Learn how to build, manage, and distribute images
  • Interact with the Docker Hub website

Attendees of the afternoon workshop, “Intermediate Container Administration & Operations”, from 1PM – 4PM on Feb. 21, will:

  • Learn how to run and manage containers
  • Gain a full understanding of container volumes and networking
  • Acquire tips and good practice
  • Know what’s next: the future of Docker and how to get help

“We’re thrilled that InfoSiftr is again offering pre-conference workshops at Container World,” said Tami Carter, Portfolio Manager of KNect 365’s Cloud and Enterprise events in the US and head of content for Container World. “Last year’s pre-conference “Introduction to Containers” workshop was filled to capacity, and based on its success and the further adoption of containers in the market, we’re excited to extend the training to a full day.”

In addition to InfoSiftr’s full-day of container training, the pre-conference day will include four 90-minute product deep dives from leading vendors, including Chef Software’s “Container Automation with Habitat, and a workshop from Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu.

The Pre-conference workshops are available as part of the Gold Pass. Free enterprise passes are also available to qualified individuals For more information about registration and pricing, visit https://tmt.knect365.com/container-world/purchase/select-package

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