TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (1/20/17–1/27/17)

Tutorials & How-Tos: Vault in Autopilot

Vault for managing secrets in the Autopilot Pattern — On 1/26/17, Joyent shared a walk-through for “secrets management in the Autopilot Pattern,” using Vault. According to the walk-through, Vault provides, “an API for storing and accessing secrets well-suited for autonomous applications,” and features “encryption at rest for secrets,” encrypted communication of secrets, and “role-based access control and auditability.” The walk-through shows how to bootstrap Vault and how to use it in the Autopilot Pattern.

Analysis & Editorial: Serverless, Rethinking Monitoring

Serverless Technologies — On a 1/20/17 episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, Kapil Thangavelu (Capital One developer) discussed serverless technologies with The New Stack founder Alex Williams and co-host Kyle MacDonald. The conversation covers “how serverless technology breaks down and decompresses what were originally large, demanding processes,” how it, “enables 100 percent utilization… [and] real-time event processing,” and how, “serverless doesn’t mean no-ops.” Check out the complete podcast on serverless technologies.

Rethinking Monitoring — A 1/25/17 The New Stack article examines how monitoring has changed with the introduction of containers. The analysis focuses on five major areas:

  1. The ephemeral nature of containers.
  2. The proliferation of objects, services and metrics to track.
  3. Services are the new focal point of monitoring.
  4. A more diverse group of monitoring end-users.
  5. New mindsets are resulting in new methods.

General Announcements: Canonical Kubernetes 1.5.2, Platform 9 Kubernetes & Fission

Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes, Release 1.5.2 — In late September 2016, Linux distributor Canonical released a commercially-supported version of Kubernetes. Last week, they announced support for Kubernetes 1.5.2 in their distribution. The announcement contains a walk-through for getting started and how to upgrade, along with notes on features and fixes.

Platform 9 Managed Kubernetes, Fission — Last week, Platform 9 launched a managed Kubernetes service, meant to make Kubernetes simpler for developers. (According to Platform9 co-founder Madhura Maskasky, “Kubernetes presents a steep learning curve for some developers in terms of semantics and services.”) Platform9 is also continuing development on Fission, an open-source alternative to AWS Lambda, which enabling serverless application capabilities. Check out eWeek’s coverage: PLATFORM 9 FISSION

Any major container news we missed? Please feel free to drop us a line. This weekly summary is an ongoing series from InfoSiftr, and we want to make sure all top container stories are covered.


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