TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (2/17/17–2/24/17)

New Tools, New Features, New Support: AWS OCI, Kubernetes on Azure, CoScale Monitoring

AWS SUPPORTS OCI FORMAT – Amazon Web Services’ EC2 Container Registry is “adding support for the draft specifications for the OCI container format,” according to a recent article by The New Stack. This represents, “the biggest step yet toward the first genuine registry for pushing and pulling OCI images, in the public cloud space,” and means that more folks may now have the opportunity to work with OCI.

KUBERNETES ON AZURE — Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Kubernetes support in Azure Container Service (ACS). The announcement means ACS will be the only public cloud platform that supports all three of the “most popular open source orchestrators available” – DC/OS, Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes – according to eWeek. (See also: VentureBeat’s coverage).

COSCALE MONITORING — Although containers are a “no-brainer” for developers, they come with operational challenges including, “an extra layer of abstraction, which breaks traditional monitoring tools.” CoScale is one answer to the monitoring problem. It “offers full-stack monitoring for containers and microservices,” using machine learning to detect anomalies and “provide context about the environment.” Check out The New Stack’s coverage of CoScale, featuring CoScale product and marketing manager Peter Arijs.

Tutorials: Kafka Primer

KAFKA PRIMER – The New Stack recently shared a primer on Apache Kafka, a tool that is, “fast becoming the preferred messaging infrastructure for… contemporary, data-centric workloads.” The article discusses Kafka at a high level, including core concepts and terminology, and is part of larger Kafka series. The article discusses the differences between Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) and Kafka, and delves into Kafka concepts like messages, producers, consumers, topics, partitions, consumer groups, brokers, and clusters. It also covers the role of ZooKeeper.

Analysis & Op-Ed: New Pattern of Software Delivery, Containers Should Be Boring, OpenStack Container Synergies

NEW PATTERN OF SOFTWARE DELIVERY – The New Stack recently shared an op-ed by Werker, outlining three goals of modern software: agility, resilience, and scale. According to the article, new developments in software help to achieve these goals, allowing companies to be more adaptive, more agile, and more “resilient at scale.” The article examines a new pattern of software delivery, which depends on, “containers, microservices, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery/Deployment and the modern cloud.”

ACS MAKING CONTAINERS BORING – Containers should be boring, according to Kubernetes co-founder Brendan Burns. His recent interview with The New Stack covers how Azure Container Service (ACS) can “help people through the transition to using containers,” allowing them to focus on apps rather than infrastructure.

OPENSTACK CONTAINER SYNERGIES – Despite “a lot of hyperbole” on how containers would, “extinguish the need for OpenStack,” folks are now discovering, “many useful ways of pairing OpenStack with containers,” according to a recent podcast by The New Stack. The 2/24/17 podcast features OpenStack Foundation executive director Jonathan Bryce discussing OpenStack container synergies, as well as the upcoming OpenStack Summit.

General News: Microscaling on Hold

MICROSCALING ON HOLD – Microscaling – a company that produced container scheduling software and a format “for adding metadata labels to containers – has been put on hold. This according to a recent podcast by The New Stack. The podcast features Microscaling co-founders Liz Rice, Anne Currie, and Ross Fairbanks, and covers “The Demise of Microscaling and the Future of Microservices.”


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