Docker Enterprise Edition Announced

On March 2, 2017, Docker Inc. announced the release of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), a version of the Docker platform, “optimized for business critical deployments,” according to Docker. This is a re-branding and expansion of Docker’s Commercially Supported (CS) edition, and brings with it a new version numbering system, new release schedules, and a new level of support and integration that allow Docker EE to run across a variety of platforms.

“Think of the enterprise edition as a package of tools designed to work seamlessly across any supported flavor of Linux or Windows or cloud platform such as AWS or Microsoft Azure,” TechCrunch author Ron Miller wrote. “Docker claims users can move apps between these platforms without any recoding. If it works out of the box as described, it should simplify container lifecycle management for both developers and operations staff.”

Docker EE comes in three flavors:

  • Basic (platform plus support and certification)
  • Standard (Basic plus container management via Docker Datacenter)
  • Advanced (Standard plus Docker Security Scanning)

Additionally, new versions will be released quarterly, with a numbering scheme based on year and month. Thus, the latest Docker EE release is 17.03, while the June release will be 17.06. Each Docker EE release will be supported for one year.

As part of this change, Docker has also re-branded their free Docker product as Docker Community Edition (CE), using the same versioning scheme as Docker EE. Docker CE will be released quarterly and supported for four months (giving users one month to update to each new version before losing support). CE will also have a monthly “edge” option, allowing users to experience the “latest and greatest features every month.”

Also as part of this change, Docker Inc. announced a new program to offer certified container applications for Docker CE and EE through the Docker Store. (Check out our other blog post for coverage of the Docker Certification Program).

Head over to the Docker Store now to download Docker CE for free. Or you can try/buy Docker EE from us at InfoSiftr. If you need more info on the EE pricing scheme and features, please check with us and you can check out this excellent “Software Defined Talk” podcast by The New Stack.


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