CoreOS Donating rkt to CNCF

CoreOS recently announced their intention to donate rkt – the CoreOS “core container runtime package” – to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). This just hours after Docker Inc. announced their intention to donate containerd – their open source core container runtime package – to the CNCF.

The New Stack called CoreOS’s move potentially “confusing,” since rkt and containerd are not actually equivalent components. According to The New Stack, rkt is more a counterpart to Docker’s runC – the “host process for containers it launches.” Containerd, by comparison, is “a daemon located inside each container, overseeing the execution of, management of, and communications with the container.”

Follow the link below for The New Stack’s complete coverage of CoreOS’s announcement. The article helps clarify some of the container ecosystem’s rapidly evolving terminology, providing current definitions for runC, libcontainer, appc, and rkt. The article also shares the CoreOS CTO’s perspective on the announcement.



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