TL;DR – Recent Container News (3/22/17–4/7/17)

New Releases, Product Updates: Google Cloud Platform, Windows 10 Privacy Enhanced, Azure Container Registry

UPGRADES TO GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM – Google recently made several upgrades meant to “make it easier for enterprises to set up and efficiently run container workloads on the company’s cloud platform,” according to eWeek. Upgrades included:

  • The general availability of a “Container-Optimized OS,” which allows users to bring up, “Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform quickly, efficiently, and securely,” (according to Google)
  • The release of Kubernetes 1.6, (an update that improves scalability, scheduling, and security for the container orchestrator)
  • New automated node management features “designed to help organizations ensure their container nodes are in good health and in the most current state”

Follow the link for eWeek’s coverage of all three upgrades: UPGRADES TO GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM

WINDOWS 10 CREATORS UPDATE PRIVACY ENHANCED – The upcoming Windows 10 “creators update” (scheduled for April 11), will feature more privacy controls, according to a recent tech briefing by eWeek. The update will mean enhanced user control over personal data and “visibility into how it’s used.” eWeek’s tech briefing also covers upgrades to Google Cloud Platform, “Office 365 security and data governance tools,” and Canonical’s decision to shift the “default Ubuntu desktop back to GNOME.” Follow the link for the complete tech briefing from eWeek: EWEEK DAILY TECH BRIEFING

AZURE CONTAINER REGISTRY – Microsoft just announced the general availability of Azure Container Registry, a “cloud-based repository that enables customers to store and manage private Docker container images,” according to eWeek. The Registry will integrate with orchestrators (like Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and DC/OS), as well as “other Azure Services including Service Fabric and Azure App Services.” Follow the link for eWeek’s complete coverage of this announcement: AZURE CONTAINER REGISTRY

Tutorials & How-Tos: Running Node.js Containers with ContainerPilot

NODE.JS CONTAINERPILOT TUTORIAL – In March, Joyent shared a walkthrough for “running Node.js containers in production with ContainerPilot.” The online training also covers monitoring via Prometheus. Check out the video, featuring Joyent’s Wyatt Preul and Casey Bisson, here: NODE.JS CONTAINERPILOT TUTORIAL

Ideas & Analysis: What’s next for CNCF, Staples Case Study

WHAT’S NEXT FOR CNCF – A recent podcast by The New Stack covers “what’s next” for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The podcast features Dan Kohn, CNCF executive director, discussing current challenges, future growth, the CNCF mission, and current and future projects (including the CNCF’s recent adoption of linkerd, CoreDNS, and gRPC). Follow the link for the complete podcast: CNCF INTERVIEWED

STAPLES EMBRACING AGILE, CLOUD, COGNITIVE TECHNOLOGY – Staples is focusing on cloud computing technologies, according to a recent case study by The New Stack. The company is, “moving to the cloud and incorporating microservices,” as well as, “Agile development techniques,” to respond to, “customer demand for faster releases.”

Meanwhile, Staples has also been, “dabbling in cognitive technology with the help of IBM’s Watson cognitive computing service.” Their recent pilot of the Staples Easy System is delivering a, “cognitive-enabled… office supply reordering system which integrates IBM’s Watson technology to simplify office supply management for Staples Business Advantage Customers.”

Follow the link to read the complete Staples case study by The New Stack: STAPLES CASE STUDY

Any major container news we missed? Please feel free to drop us a line. This summary is part of an ongoing series from InfoSiftr, and we want to make sure all top container stories are covered.


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