TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (4/21/17–4/28/17)

KUBERNETES “NOT A COMPETITIVE THREAT” TO DOCKER – According to The New Stack’s coverage of DockerCon 2017, Docker CEO Ben Golub doesn’t see Kubernetes as a competitive threat, but as an “interesting technology” that covers “but one piece of the puzzle for running a container infrastructure.” Despite elevated user and media interest in Kubernetes, Docker is still seeing more competition from “other full-fledged container cloud platforms, such as Red Hat’s OpenShift.”

DOCKER MODERNIZING LEGACY APPS – In last week’s TL;DR, we mentioned Docker Inc. had a new professional services offering to “modernize traditional applications.” The New Stack’s coverage of DockerCon 2017 offers more details on exactly how that will work. According to the article, Docker Inc. sees moving legacy apps into containers as “a natural first step on the path to containerized infrastructure.” This can be done in five days, with no need to re-architect the app. According to Docker CEO Ben Golub (as paraphrased in a separate The New Stack article), the simple move may improve the app’s infrastructure usage “by anywhere between 50 and 500 percent.”

LINKERD 1.0 RELEASED – Bouyant recently announced the 1.0 release of Linkerd, a “communications service mesh for cloud-native apps,” according to The New Stack. The project decouples the communication layer (service discovery, routing, etc.) from application code, allowing developers to concentrate on application logic. The 1.0 release includes, “service mesh API… end-to-end reliability features… transparent Transport Layer Security (TLS); and integrations into the cloud-native ecosystem,” among other features. Follow the link for The New Stack’s complete coverage: LINKERD 1.0

“REDIS ON AUTOPILOT” TUTORIAL – Joyent recently shared a tutorial for “Redis on Autopilot.” Redis is an in-memory data store that can be used as a cache, database, and message broker. The article shows how to use the autopilotpattern/redis image to “easily deploy and scale a highly available Redis service,” including setup, deployment, scaling, and adding a web component.

Any major container news we missed? Please feel free to drop us a line. This summary is part of an ongoing series from InfoSiftr, and we want to make sure all top container stories are covered.


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