DockerCon 17 Recap – Notes from Docker Las Vegas 5/16/17 Meetup

Last month’s DockerCon17 saw several exciting announcements for Docker users — and for the container ecosystem as a whole. Besides introducing multi-stage builds (separating build-time and runtime container images to keep image size down), and a new “desktop-to-cloud” integration (a way to connect to remote swarm clusters without needing ssh access or a public key infrastructure), Docker Inc. also debuted two new efforts: LinuxKit and Moby Project.

InfoSiftr’s Justin Steele and Tianon Gravi explained the announcements during our Docker Las Vegas meetup last week.

According to their presentation, Docker Inc. has identified the container movement’s need for “secure, lean, portable Linux subsystems,” and has provided “LinuxKit” as a toolbox for building them. This is the same tooling that sits behind Docker for Windows and Docker for Mac. According to the presentation, it’s secure (with small attack surfaces and immutable infrastructure), lean (all system services are containers), and portable (desktop, server, IoT, mainframe — bare metal or virtualized).

The presentation also covered Moby Project, a “library of 80+ components,” that lets users “assemble specialized container systems without reinventing the wheel.” The project lets you “package your own components as containers,” “reference assemblies deployed on millions of nodes,” and “create your own assemblies or start from an existing one,” according to the presentation.

The meetup closed with a Q&A concerning implications of LinuxKit and Moby Project for attendees’ specific use cases, as well as general Q&A about the container ecosystem.

We hope everyone can join us again next month for our Docker June Meetup at the InNEVation Center — 6/20/17 at 6:15 pm. New attendees are more than welcome too, as the event will provide you with crucial info to use Docker in your environment. Please RSVP by following the link, so we can make sure we have plenty of food, beverages, and Docker Swag for everyone.

DockerCon Recap - Docker Las Vegas May Meetup


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