TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (5/12/17–5/19/17)

General Interviews & Announcements: OSCON Recap, New Features for Azure Service Fabric

OSCON RECAP – OSCON, the Open Source Convention, will be returning to Portland, Oregon, according to a recent OSCON Wrap-up podcast by The New Stack. The podcast features OSCON co-chair Kelsey Hightower, and also covers OSCON’s plans for the future, “how open source is changing,” and “recapturing the energy and passion” in open source, among other topics.

AZURE SERVICE FABRIC – New features are coming to Azure Service Fabric, the “fabric” that Azure runs on (“handling resiliency… rolling updates… health monitoring”), and that has been “made available to developers,” according to The New Stack. The new features include handling orchestration for Windows Server Containers and functioning as a container orchestrator on Linux. The linked The New Stack article also summarizes the capabilities of Azure Container Service (ACS) and explains when you would use ACS and when you would use Service Fabric.

Analysis: Docker’s New CEO, What is DevOps?

DOCKER’S NEW CEO – A recent podcast by The New Stack covers, “What Comes of Docker with a New CEO?” The podcast features RedMonk analyst Fintan Ryan discussing the appointment of Steve Singh as Docker’s new CEO. Ryan discusses the evolution of Docker since last year, Docker’s marketing strategies, the implications of Docker’s approach to companies that rely on Docker, how Singh will “leverage the marketing of the organization,” and “how Docker addresses vendor lock-in,” among other topics. According to The New Stack’s Alex Williams, Docker Inc. is “making a big move into the enterprise market,” the “ecosystem is solidifying,” and, “the pie is huge.”

WHAT IS DEVOPS – According to Ritesh Modi, DevOps is not a framework or methodology, but rather a “set of principles and practices,” meant to bring dev and ops teams “together” and provide “faster and more efficient end-to-end delivery.” His analysis, posted by The New Stack, offers six core principles of DevOps:

  • Collaboration and communication
  • Agility towards change
  • Software design
  • Failing fast and early
  • Innovation and continuous learning
  • Automating Processes and tools

Any major container news we missed? Please feel free to drop us a line. This summary is part of an ongoing series from InfoSiftr, and we want to make sure all top container stories are covered.


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