TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (5/19/17–5/26/17)

General Announcements: DockerCon EU 17 Registration & Call for Papers, Latest Docker Certified Containers

DOCKERCON EU 17 REGISTRATION & CFP – Docker just opened early bird registration for DockerCon Europe, October 16 – 18 in Copenhagen. Docker has also issued a call for papers. They seek submissions covering “using Docker” (how is Docker used in your tech stack?), “deep dives” (deeply technical sessions sharing your code / demos), “Moby and friends” (Moby use cases, LinuxKit / Docker plumbing projects), and “cool hacks” (how you are pushing the boundaries of Docker). Deadline to submit is June 13. Check out the complete blog post from Docker.

DOCKER CERTIFIED CONTAINERS – Docker has announced the “latest Docker Certified Containers and Plugins for March and April 2017.” Certified containers and plugins are validated for use on Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), via the Docker Certification Program. Newly certified containers / plugins include:

  • Multiple monitoring solutions (Dynatrace, HPE OpsBridge Agent, CoScale Agent)
  • Volume solutions (NexentaEdge Docker NFS Volume Plug-In, VMware Vsphere Volume Service)
  • Multiple new things by “{code} by Dell EMC” and Oracle
  • Weaveworks Network Plugin

Tutorials: Hands-On Labs from DockerCon, How to be a Docker Mentor, Spring Boot App on Docker

DOCKERCON LABS – Docker has moved the hands-on labs from DockerCon to the “Docker Labs Repo” where they’re freely accessible. Labs include “Continuous Integration with Docker Cloud,” “Docker Swarm Orchestration,” “Securing Apps with Docker EE Advanced / Docker Trusted Registry,” “Docker Networking,” “Windows Docker Containers 101,” “Modernize .NET Apps – for Devs,” and, “Modernize .NET Apps – for Ops.” Check out Docker’s post about the DockerCon labs for more info.

HOW TO BE A DOCKER MENTOR – Docker has shared a series of talks (from the DockerCon “Mentor Summit”) showing how to get involved as a mentor in the Docker Community. These include discussions on being a mentor, contributing to open source, and giving talks.

SPRING BOOT APP ON DOCKER – Docker’s Sophia Parafina recently started a series of blog posts showing how develop and deploy a Java web app using Docker. The Java app uses the Spring Boot framework, along with React, and can use any relational database and be deployed to either Windows or Linux. Learn more about the architecture of the app by reading Parafina’s 5/18/17 post. If you’re ready to get started, check out her 5/24/17 post on setting up your development environment.

Analysis & Editorial: Docker Federal Summit Recap, Best Practices for Kubernetes

DOCKER FEDERAL SUMMIT – Docker has shared the videos from the Docker Federal Summit, a government-focused event covering changes in IT related to DevOps, cloud, and containers. Shared videos come from the General Session, along with breakout sessions covering “Lessons Learned from Deploying Containers in Production,” “Scaling and Securing Applications on Your Terms,” “Supercharge Modern App Development with Azure Government and Docker,” “Federal Compliance Panel Discussion,” “Docker Secure Substrate for Container Apps.” The videos feature speakers from Docker, HPE, and Booz Allen Hamilton, among others.

KUBERNETES BEST PRACTICES – The New Stack recently shared a podcast discussing the best practices emerging around Kubernetes. The podcast features Justin Mound and Eric Hole of ReactiveOps and covers the best practices “firming up within the Kubernetes community,” as well as the pain points that still exist (storage persistence and secrets management). The podcast also gets into ReactiveOps’ “DevOps-as-a-service” model and how ReactiveOps is helping customers resolve some Kubernetes issues.

New Products & Features: Last.Backend, Updates to Chef Automate

LAST.BACKEND – Last December, Last.Backend open-sourced a PaaS that is built on top of Kubernetes. According to a recent analysis by The New Stack, Last.Backend should help developers “focus on apps, not infrastructure.” The PaaS is a mix of technologies that integrates containerization, orchestration, metrics and analytics, overlay networks and log storage. CEO Alexander Kaloshin describes, “a single open-source system with CI /CD, web-UI that you can easily put on a server or a group of servers.” According to The New Stack’s analysis, Last.Backend competes with PaaS platforms like Heroku, but, unlike Heroku, it’s tailored for “companies with large infrastructure, and applications using a dozen repositories on a microservices architecture.”

CHEF AUTOMATE UPDATES – Chef has integrated InSpec — their open source security software — into the Chef Automate platform. The integration allows Chef Automate to run automatic compliance checks, checking applications’ configurations “to ensure no vulnerabilities exist in the third-party software libraries contained within that package,” according to The New Stack. The compliance tools are “fully integrated into the user interface,” providing “visual alerts” to developers whenever compliance issues occur (according to VentureBeat). Apart from compliance updates, Chef has also integrated the open source tool Habitat (“for packaging, building and managing portable apps within containers”) into Chef Automate.

Any major container news we missed? Please feel free to drop us a line. This summary is part of an ongoing series from InfoSiftr, and we want to make sure all top container stories are covered.


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