Docker Announces Docker Student Developer Kit and Campus Ambassador Program

This week, Docker announced the Docker Student Developer Kit and the Campus Ambassador Program, two initiatives meant to introduce Docker to the student community.

The programs allow students to get hands on with Docker, offering free repos on Docker Cloud, and encouraging collaboration with Ambassador-led events and a community directory and Slack channel.

“For quite some time now we have been receiving daily requests from students all over the world, asking for our help learning Docker,” Docker Inc.’s Lisa McNicol wrote in a blog post announcing the programs, “we decided it was time to reach out to the student community and give them the helping hand they need.”

The timing couldn’t be better. According to a March 9, 2017 article by Business Insider, Docker is currently the #2 fastest-growing skill in terms of employer demand. Ditto demand for related “microservices” and “DevOps” skills, which over the past year saw 133% and 45% increases respectively, according to a report by Rackspace (see coverage of that report by betanews).

“We see technologies being replaced by new technologies,” Business Insider quotes Julia Silge (a data scientist for Stack Overflow) as saying.

For students who may still have years until employment, staying abreast of those new technologies is paramount.

How can you get involved?

If you’re a student and new to Docker

Start by checking out Get Started with Docker, the Introduction to Docker Presentation, and the Docker Beginner labs.

Then sign up for the Docker Student Developer Kit. This developer kit will give you:

  • 5 free private repos from Docker Cloud
  • Free images from Docker Store publishers
  • Cloud credits from Azure, AWS, and DigitalOcean (if you’re among the first 150 students to apply for the kit)
  • Access to the Docker in Higher Education Community Directory and the Docker Community Slack team. This will allow you to get updates on Docker community events / programs – including promo codes – and to network with other students and teachers.

If you’re a student and have intermediate / advanced knowledge of Docker

Sign up for the Docker Student Developer Kit, outlined above.

Then, consider becoming the Ambassador for Docker on your campus. As a Docker Campus Ambassador, you’ll run events and help your peers learn Docker.

There are numerous benefits to being a Docker Campus Ambassador, including exclusive training from Docker, special access to the Docker editions, admission to Beta programs, and special discounts / free tickets to events like DockerCon. Check out the guidelines to see if this program is a fit for you.

We hope all students interested in Docker will take advantage of these new programs — as well as the great Docker Meetups that already exist.

If you’re a student local to Las Vegas, feel free to stop by our Docker Las Vegas meetup. We meet almost every month at The InNEVation Center, and we invite everyone interested in Docker to come. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user of Docker, the Docker Las Vegas Meetup will provide you the information you need to use Docker in your environment. Join us to discuss Docker / containerization, including announcements, explanations of key concepts in the space, and anything local folks are working on (or working through).


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