Docker’s David Yu on “Deploying Multi-OS Applications with Docker Swarm”

Last month, the Docker Las Vegas meetup hosted David Yu – a solutions engineer for Docker.

David oversaw a hands-on workshop about, “deploying multi-OS applications with Docker Swarm,” walking participants through building a Swarm cluster and deploying an app. The app was comprised of two services – each of which ran on a separate operating system.

“With the release of overlay networking for Windows Server 2016 it’s now possible to build swarms comprised of both Windows and Linux hosts,” David’s workshop abstract reads. “[This gives] operators a single platform for managing a diverse range of applications.”

David’s workshop provided participants with the chance to experience that first hand. Working in Docker-provided cloud instances, participants built a swarm and used features like constraints and affinities to place hybrid workloads appropriately.

This led to a healthy Q&A, and some great feedback from meetup attendees.

We want to thank David for taking the time to visit our Docker Las Vegas meetup – and to share David’s slide deck and workshop with our blog readers.

If you attended the meetup – or viewed the links – and have any questions about the content, feel free to drop us a line. We’ll be sure to get you the information you need.

We hope to see everyone at the next Docker Las Vegas in August.

About David Yu:

David Yu is a partner solutions engineer at Docker and works with both strategic and regional partners within the Docker partner community in order to jointly sell Docker’s enterprise offering, Docker EE. Prior to Docker he worked as a senior solutions engineer helping customers understand what was going on in their software using monitoring tools.

David has visited our meetup before, back in July 2016, when he shared Docker 1.12 release changes. Check out his GitHub and Twitter.


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