TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (7/28/17-8/4/17)

Introduction to Docker

A recent “Docker 101” webinar gives a comprehensive introduction of the technology – from what it is to how it looks in production. Docker recently shared the recording of that webinar, along with a full Q&A covering container security, the myriad advantages of containers, and steps on the journey to app modernization, among other topics.

Docker Basics

Also this week, The New Stack shared an article on “Docker Basics,” which covers essential concepts, tools, and terminology. Foundational concepts covered in this article include containers, images, volumes, the Dockerfile, and registry.

DockerCon EU Speakers Announced

Docker has announced the first round of speakers for DockerCon EU 2017 (Copenhagen, Denmark, Oct 16-19). Among the talks:

  • “Creating Effective Images” – Abby Fuller (AWS)
  • “Tips and Tricks of the Captains” – Adrian Mouat (Container Solutions)
  • “Modernizing Java Apps” – Arun Gupta (AWS)
  • “Road to Docker Production” – Bret Fisher (Independent Consultant)
  • “Modernizing .NET Apps” – Elton Stoneman (Docker)
  • “Your Career’s Biggest Ally: You” – Nandhini Santhanam (Docker)
  • “Docker?!?! But I’m a SysAdmin” – Mike Coleman (Docker)
  • “Container-Relevant Upstream Kernel Developments” – Tycho Andersen (Docker)

Azure Container Instances: More Proof Microsoft is Serious About Containers

A recent The New Stack article offers “Proof Microsoft Is Innovating with Containers,” citing Microsoft’s deals with Docker, Windows containers, Azure Container Service, and Microsoft’s hiring of Brendan Burns (part of the Kubernetes founding team), among other things. The latest proof? Azure Container Instances – a kind of “serverless container” offering that seems to compete with AWS’s Lambda.

What’s New in Kubernetes 1.7

Tim Hockin – one of the original engineers on Kubernetes – recently joined the Google Cloud Platform Podcast to discuss Kubernetes 1.7. The podcast covers 1.7 release notes, security hardening, and api aggregation, among other topics.


Joyent CTO Bryan Cantrill recently sat down with Jake Loveless (CEO, Edgemesh), to discuss distributed caching at scale, Docker, and Node.js, among other topics. Edgemesh is a web acceleration platform that improves performance and resiliency via via a “peer enhanced and globally distributed mesh network.” Follow the link to view the complete video, “Joyent and Edgemesh Fireside Chat: Cache Me If You Can.”

Heptio’s Ark and Sonobuoy

Heptio — a company founded by Kubernetes co-creators Joe Beda and Craig McLuckie — just released two new tools meant to simplify Kubernetes. The first of them, Ark, integrates “the information inside [a] cluster with the state that exists outside the cluster.” That way, users can easily recover workloads that were running in the cluster. The second tool, Sonobuoy, is meant to provide “insight into what is happening” inside a cluster, giving users “higher levels of awareness and inspectability.” It allows users to check out their configurations to make sure things are “working as intended.” Check out The New Stack’s coverage of Ark and Sonobuoy, or see the announcement from the Heptio blog.

Any major container news we missed? Please feel free to drop us a line. This summary is part of an ongoing series from InfoSiftr, and we want to make sure all top container stories are covered.


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