TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (8/25/17-9/1/17)

VMWare Cloud on AWS Launches

VMWare Cloud on AWS is now generally available to customers, according to coverage by VentureBeat and The New Stack. The offering allows customers to run their workloads in the cloud in “an environment that’s as consistent as possible [with] on-premises data centers.” Users will also have access to the full suite of AWS cloud services, so they can try AWS tools while maintaining their VMWare-centric environment.

Tutorial: Move .NET App from Windows Server to Windows Docker Container

Docker has started a video series covering “modernizing .NET apps for IT pros.” It’s a five-part series that, “shows you how to move a .NET 3.5 app from Windows Server to a Windows Docker container and deploy it to a scalable, highly-available environment in the cloud – without any changes to the app.” This is a great primer for anyone who wants to understand containerizing legacy applications.

Tutorial: Building Microservices App in ACS

The New Stack has shared a tutorial for building and deploying a microservices application in Azure Container Services. The tutorial leverages Azure Container Instances (ACI), Azure Container Registry, and Azure Cosmos DB. It’s part of a series that also covers multi-container deployment using the ACI Connector for Kubernetes.

Profile of Dirk Hohndel

The New Stack recently shared a profile of Dirk Hohndel, prolific open source contributor and close friend of Linus Torvalds. According to the article, Hohndel helped turn Intel into “one of the most Linux and open source friendly chip makers,” and is now doing the same for VMWare. The profile covers Hohndel’s history and current interests.

Who Contributes the Most to Open Source?

A recent The New Stack feature (“This Week in Numbers”) compares corporate open source contributions. According to the analysis, raw metrics measuring “number of contributors” don’t tell the whole story (many contributions are made outside the empolyers’ GitHub accounts). The article provides an evaluation of organizations based on GitHub activity (61% of the most active organizations are commercial enterprises). Follow the link for the full analysis.

PKS Managed Kubernetes Offering Announced

Pivotal, Google, and VMWare have joined forces to create PKS, a “managed Kubernetes offering” that can be deployed on VMWare vSphere as well as Google Container Engine. PKS (Pivotal Container Service) utilizes Kubo, an open source project leveraging Kubernetes and BOSH (Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s deployment and lifecycle management tool.) Check out eWeek’s complete article, “VMware, Google, Pivotal Collaborate on Kubernetes Container Service.”

Docker Resources for Teachers

Docker has put together a package of free Docker resources for teachers. Resources include free tools (so students don’t have to install anything locally), presentations, hands-on labs and workshops, and support (teachers will get a dedicated contact at Docker and be able to join the online Docker Teachers community).

Tim Hockin on Kubernetes “Ecosystem”

The New Stack recently shared an interview with Kubernetes co-founder Tim Hockin. Hockin discusses how he perceives Kubernetes’ position in the “ecosystem” (he sees the platform “as more of a hub” for multiple ecosystems — network, storage, and security). The interview covers modularity, Kubernetes abstraction, working with multiple applications in Kubernetes, and 1.7 changes, among other topics.

Jenkins World 2017 Recap

Users of Jenkins may be interested in The New Stack’s recent coverage of Jenkins World 2017. According to the article, the conference highlighted the “growing ubiquity of continuous integration.” The conference was sponsored by the likes of Atlassian, GitHub, CloudBees, Amazon, HPE, and Red Hat, among others. The article calls Jenkins “the overwhelming platform into which all of these sponsors must flow.” Among the announcements at this year’s Jenkins World:

  • Jenkins Pipelines interface uncoupled from Groovy — making it easier for less technical users
  • Jenkins Advisor Service — helps manage multiple plugins
  • DevOptics — “a new end-to-end data analysis and aggregation platform that is tied into every aspect of the development process”

Any major container news we missed? Please feel free to drop us a line. This summary is part of an ongoing series from InfoSiftr, and we want to make sure all top container stories are covered.


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