Docker Official Images Now Multi-Platform Aware

Docker just announced a major UX improvement: they’ve updated their Official Images to make them “multi-platform aware.” This means typing a simple command like “docker run hello-world” will cause Docker to “pull and run the correct hello-world image whether that’s for x86-64 Linux, Windows, ARM, IBM Z mainframes or any other system where Docker runs.”

In other words, Docker will better accommodate the user, automatically pulling the right image for the platform.

Previously, images for non-x86 Linux architectures had to be access from a different namespace or using a different tag. The update should allow for a more “seamless and portable” Docker user experience, according to today’s Docker blog post.

Follow the link for complete coverage of this update. And check out the complete list of non-amd64 architectures that are officially supported “(to various degrees).”


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