TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (9/15/17-9/22/17)

Docker Basics for IT Admins

Docker has started a new blog series covering “A Day in the Life of a Docker Admin.” The series will discuss how common IT administrative tasks “translate into the world of Docker.” It will walk through:

  • Managing .NET apps and migrating them off Windows Server 2008
  • How container networking works and how to build an agile and secure network for containers
  • How to achieve a secure and compliant application environment
  • Integrating Docker with monitoring and logging tools

Follow the link for the first post in the series, which includes a getting started “Hello World!” walk through.

Docker EE “Client Bundles” Overview

A recent article by Docker describes “Docker EE client bundles” a “little mentioned” but much-loved feature of Docker EE. According to the article, a client bundle is “a group of certificates downloadable directly from the Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP) … [that allow] you to authorize a remote Docker engine to a specific user account managed in Docker EE, absorbing all associated RBAC controls in the process.” The article walks through an example to familiarize users with client bundles.

Microservices Performance Visualization

Netsil recently unveiled an “Application Operations Center” (AOC) product, meant to provide visibility into microservices applications. Unlike traditional Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools — which may require an “agent” within your application — Netsil’s solution “operates completely outside your containers and application code, so your application container is completely unmodified. It uses a network packet as a source of truth.” Follow the link for complete coverage by The New Stack.

Hybrid Architecture for Open Source GIS

Those interested in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) may want to check out The New Stack’s recent article, “How to Implement a Hybrid Architecture for Open Source Geographic Information Systems.” The article discusses how open source is being utilized by the GIS community, and walks through migrating to a hybrid architecture. Fair warning: the article contains some shameless plugs for Boundless products, but is an interesting read if those don’t bother you.

Any major container news we missed? Please feel free to drop us a line. This summary is part of an ongoing series from InfoSiftr, and we want to make sure all top container stories are covered.


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