What’s new in Docker 17.06 — Notes from Docker Las Vegas 9/19/17 Meetup

The mid-August release of Docker 17.06 was a very big deal. The release featured support for mixed Windows/Linux workloads — including IBM System Z mainframe workloads — giving users the ability to run and manage a hybrid app (where some services are Windows and some are Linux). This in addition to enhanced security features like role-based access control (RBAC) for nodes, and “custom roles” that provide granular control of users’ access to resources.

InfoSiftr’s Tianon Gravi explained the major updates during our Docker Las Vegas meetup last week. Tianon’s presentation described the changes for people moving from 17.03 to 17.06 along the stable release channel, including mainframe and mixed workload support, custom secrets locations, secrets on Windows, and “platform-aware service placement.”

This latter is a major UX improvement, enabling Docker to pull and run the correct image regardless of platform (previously, images for non-x86 architectures had to be accessed from a different namespace or using a different tag). Tianon shared a link to the complete list of non-amd64 architectures that are officially supported.

Tianon’s presentation also covered multi-stage builds (Docker 17.05) and some new features in 17.07 and 17.09.

We hope everyone can join us again next month for our Docker October Meetup, co-hosted with AITP Las Vegas. This meeting will be on 10/25 from 5:30 – 8:30 PM at Sierra Gold 6515 S. Jones Road. We will cover Docker at a high level, discussing what it is, how it works, and the benefits to your organization’s bottom line. This is a great opportunity for folks new to Docker or those in management positions to learn the “how and why” behind this emerging technology.

Please RSVP on Meetup and be sure to purchase a ticket for the event.

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