TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (9/22/17-9/29/17)

You Can Get Certified in Docker!

… thanks to Docker, Inc.’s newly-launched Docker certification program. The program will be multi-tiered, with the first tier (Docker Certified Associate) becoming generally available at DockerCon EU on October 16, 2017. Be among the first to get certified!

Guy Makes 1KB Docker Container

How small can containers get? Nathan Osman put that to the test with a sub-1KB container that’s “a single Unix executable with no dependencies.”

According the Osman, the container’s sole purpose is to “contain two labels” to allow another tool to act as a reverse proxy. Follow the link to see how he did it.

Don’t get too hung up on Microservices — Other Benefits of Containers

Don’t get too hung up on microservices – that seems to be the argument in a recent The New Stack editorial.

According to the author, many companies see facilitating “the deployment of microservices-based applications” as the main reason to engage with containerization. However, these same organizations can’t “afford significant investments in redesigning their existing applications into a collection of microservices.”

He argues that we should forget about microservices, for the moment, and first just focus on wrapping “even the most gnarly application in a container.” Simply applying to conventional workloads, he writes, “can provide you 80 percent of the benefits associated with a cloud-native application.”

Kubernetes 1.8 Released

Open source container orchestrator Kubernetes hit version 1.8 this past week. The new release features upgrades to:

  • Security (including stable Role Based Access Control — RBAC)
  • Stability (of the resource metrics API and the custom metrics API, among other upgrades)
  • Storage (“There’s now the ability to set some limits to ephemeral storage, to specify mount options, there’s better coverage of storage usage metrics,” according to The New Stack).

…among other features.

The new release also integrates with containerd, a container daemon managed by the CNCF.

Rancher Throws Support Behind Kubernetes

Although formerly a provider of their own container orchestration tool (Cattle), Rancher has chosen to go “all in” on orchestration market leader Kubernetes, according to a recent article by The New Stack. The company’s recent Rancher 2.0 release will feature a UI “completely rebased on top of Kubernetes,” and will provide users a centralized control plane to deal with a diverse set of Kubernetes clusters.

Google Container Engine Updated

Google Container Engine (GKE) was updated last week, adding aliased IP support, according to VentureBeat. According to the article, GKE will also be launching a “new multi-cluster ingress feature in alpha soon.” This will let organizations run Kubernetes clusters in multiple regions and “have the service intelligently route traffic” to the best cluster for the end user.

The latest GKE also leverages changes made to Kubernetes 1.8 (discussed above).

MS Azure Stack Added to Docker MTA Program

Docker recently announced the addition of Microsoft Azure Stack to their MTA (Modernize Traditional Applications) program. The MTA program is about packaging existing apps into containers, decreasing resource utilization and increasing app portability (containers let you migrate your apps “to new on-prem or cloud environments, without any recoding”).

Windows Server 1709 Brings Several Enhancements for Docker Customers

The recent release of Windows Server 1709 means several enhancements for Docker customers. Among them:

  • Docker Linux Containers on Windows
  • Docker ingress mode service publishing on Windows
  • Named pipes in Windows containers
  • Smaller Windows base images

Follow the link for Docker’s complete coverage of “Exciting New Things for Docker with Windows Server 1709.”

Database in a Container — Microsoft SQL Server Now Available on Docker

According to a recent Docker blog post, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 is now available on Docker. This will simplify the setup and running of SQL Server (getting SQL server is “as simple as running ‘docker image pull'” according to the blog post, and “you can start as many instances on a host as you want.”)

Containers in Microsoft Azure

A recent podcast by The New Stack discusses “Why Containers Are Everywhere in Microsoft Azure.” The podcast features Corey Sanders, director of compute for Microsoft Azure, and covers subjects like “how containers impact developers and organizations,” and “Azure’s container strategy.” Follow the link to check out the podcast.

Any major container news we missed? Please feel free to drop us a line. This summary is part of an ongoing series from InfoSiftr, and we want to make sure all top container stories are covered.


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