Docker Embraces Kubernetes

Docker announced yesterday that they’re expanding the platform to embrace Kubernetes. Going forward, Docker will support Kubernetes as part of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) and Docker for Mac and Windows.

Formerly, Kubernetes had been a rival to Docker’s own Swarm container orchestrator.

EE users will now have their pick between Swarm and Kubernetes, and can even run a mixture of the two management tools on the same cluster. What’s more, users can continue to leverage Docker management tools like security scanning of container images, while using Kubernetes as an orchestrator.

“Docker’s design philosophy has always been about providing choice and flexibility,” Docker CTO Solomon Hykes wrote in a blog post yesterday. “We’ve… gotten feedback that some users… want to use other orchestrators, like Kubernetes, for container scheduling… This is why we are adding Kubernetes support as an orchestration option (alongside Swarm) in both Docker Enterprise Edition, and in Docker for Mac and Windows.”

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