TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (10/13/17-10/20/17)

Docker Embraces Kubernetes

The big news this past week was Docker’s embrace of Kubernetes. According to announcements at DockerCon EU 17, Docker will now include support for Kubernetes in Docker EE and Docker for Windows and Mac.

Kubernetes (a container orchestrator) formerly competed with Docker’s own Swarm orchestrator. By supporting both, Docker is allowing users to run Kubernetes-managed workloads alongside Swarm workloads – and to take advantage of Docker tooling (like security scanning) regardless of their orchestration choice.

On 10/20, Docker CEO Steve Singh explained the rationale behind embracing Kubernetes, saying the choice removes conflict. According to eWeek, Singh’s plan for Docker Inc. looks to Docker’s Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) program, rather than the orchestrator, to drive revenue.

What is the Docker MTA Program?

Docker’s Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) program is about “modernizing enterprise .NET and Java applications to run in containers in the cloud.” This can be done without touching the underlying code.

According to The New Stack, Docker has seen 100% success rate “for applications that meet [their] criteria” with customers seeing “results in five days or less.” According to the article, some customers are able to double the release frequency of their software and cut total cost of ownership by 50 percent.

The program recently saw IBM joining as a partner, according to eWEEK.

DockerCon EU 17 Highlights

Get a comprehensive overview of DockerCon EU 17 highlights — including the announcements about Docker embracing Kubernetes and Docker’s IBM partnership (covered above) — by checking out Docker’s recap blog post. The post also contains recordings of the day one and day two keynote addresses.

Container Security Debate

Looking for some different perspectives on Docker container security? Check out eWEEK’s summary of the recent Docker Container Security Debate, hosted at DockerCon EU 17. Although there have been “no publicly disclosed data breaches attributed to container usage,” as the article points out, “that doesn’t mean that organizations using containers have not been attacked.” The article discusses how containers are being leveraged to isolate or mitigate attacks, as well as weighing the merits of having so many vendors in the container security space.

Just how complex is Kubernetes Implementation?

A recent article by The New Stack shares data from a number of survey questions concerning Kubernetes implementation. According to the article, Kubernetes complexity was a major obstacle to adoption for 1/3 of respondents, and “an important inhibiting factor to some degree” for ¾ of respondents. The article explores whether Kubernetes’ reputation for complexity is deserved – and whether it represents a market opportunity.

CRI-O Reaches 1.0

This past week, CRI-O, an open source project that enables Kubernetes “to run containers without relying on the default Docker runtime,” reached 1.0 status, according to The New Stack. According to the article, this project “opens the door for plugging alternative container runtimes in the kubelet more easily.”

Canonical Ditches Unity, Working Toward IPO

Canonical — producers of the popular Linux distro Ubuntu — recently ditched their expensive, 7-year “Unity” effort. Unity was meant to be a converged Linux desktop that would work on a variety of devices. The project was not commercially sustainable, according a recent interview with Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth. According to Shuttleworth, the company is now on a path toward an IPO.

Securing Containers in Untrusted Environments

A recent article by The New Stack offers “A Look at SCONE,” a way to, “Secure Linux Containers in Untrusted Environments with Intel SGX.” According to the article, SCONE, “offers a way to run containerized trusted applications on untrusted cloud services.” However, it’s not without drawbacks, including complexity of implementation and performance drawbacks (although this should improve as more people work on the code base).

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