InfoSiftr Joins the Open Container Initiative (OCI)

Longtime contributors to the OCI’s container runtime specs, InfoSiftr has now joined the OCI as an official member. The announcement came out earlier this month — in the form of a member spotlight by the OCI — and it reveals why the OCI is so important, as well as InfoSiftr’s reasons for joining.

“The Open Container Initiative (OCI) is a critical open source organization helping ensure compatibility and interoperability for the basic components of containers,” said InfoSiftr SVP Tianon Gravi. “We believe in the mission of the OCI and, as contributors and maintainers in the container ecosystem, will continue to lend expertise and effort to further the group’s goals.”

Tianon has been involved with the OCI since its foundation and is a member of their Technical Developer Community (TDC). He supports the OCI’s container runtime specs as a contributor.

“The specifications will help all businesses with an interest in containers,” Tianon said. “[They] create a ‘baseline for competition.’ Now that we have an agreed upon foundation, companies can proceed to innovate and compete in more interesting ways.”

Check out OCI Member Spotlight: InfoSiftr to read Tianon’s full comments.


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