KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Recap: Meteoric Growth, 4 CNCF Projects Reaching 1.0

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2017 took place in Austin, TX last week. This was a container and cloud native event of unprecedented scale. Some 4000 attendees packed into the Austin Convention Center to hear the latest news on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Kubernetes, and associated projects.

The latest news is pretty exciting. Apart from the crazy growth of the conference (larger than the last four KubeCon events combined), the CNCF itself has seen major growth and interest. Meanwhile, Kubernetes (the CNCF’s inaugural project), is now a major player the orchestration space and the #2 most active project on GitHub (second only to Linux).

The conference also featured major project milestone announcements (four CNCF projects reached v1.0), plus Kubernetes case studies from HBO, GitHub, Alibaba Cloud, and Netflix, among others.

See below for coverage of the growth, project updates, and case studies highlighted at this year’s conference.

Community & Project Growth


CNCF – Compared to 28 member organizations that formed the CNCF in 2015, the foundation now has 160 member orgs (including InfoSiftr!). Additionally, the foundation is now home to 14 projects (compared to 4 projects just a year ago).

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon – KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2017 was larger than the previous four cons combined, with ~4000 people in attendance. Attendees included over 100 diversity scholars – folks who were able to attend thanks to scholarships from donors – the largest contingent of any conference.

Kubernetes – As Dan Kohn (CNCF Executive Director) said during the day one keynote, “2017 has been the year when companies of all sizes have become involved with Kubernetes.” The project is #2 on GitHub (behind only Linux), and has been “dominant relative to other orchestrators” over the last 18 months, according to Kohn.

Four 1.0 Releases Unveiled

Containerd – The OCI-compliant, industry standard container runtime. Originally a Docker project, the CNCF adopted it on March 29 of this year. It reached 1.0 in time for KubeCon. Check out the CNCF’s blog post about the 1.0 GA release.

CoreDNS – provides service discovery and DNS for Kubernetes. Reaching 1.0 means a stable release with improved performance.

Fluentd – data collector, originally developed by Treasure Data. Treasure Data’s Eduardo Silva said Fluentd is “becoming an industry standard for logging.” What’s new in 1.0? “Multi-process workers, sub-second time resolution, native TLS/SSL support, optimized buffers for data management, new Fluentd forward protocol.”

Jaeger – distributed tracing system used to discover bottlenecks in app performance. Originally developed by Uber. 1.0 updates include an improved UI, new libraries, and new integrations with other CNCF projects.

Case Studies


KubeCon + CloudNativeCon attendees were also treated to stories from HBO (hosting all of Game of Thrones Season 7 using Kubernetes – check out eWeek’s coverage), GitHub (made the move to containers in August, now 20% of services they run are now deployed on Kubernetes), Alibaba Cloud (processed 325k orders per second during the peak of “Singles Day” – China’s biggest shopping day of the year), and Netflix (8k orchestrations per day), among others.

Thanks for Stopping By!


InfoSiftr enjoyed participating as a sponsor at this year’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, and showcasing our Docker on Arm demo to everyone who stopped by our booth. We look forward to the continued growth of the CNCF and this conference. We’ll see you all next year!


Jerome from Docker checking out our Arm demo

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