TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (01/05/18-01/12/18)

Container Structure Test: A Framework for Testing Docker Images

Google recently announced a framework “designed to help developers conduct unit tests on Docker container images,” according to an article in eWeek. The framework is called Container Structure Test. It’s meant to help verify “the structure and contents of individual containers” before shipping them to production.

For more information about Container Structure Tests, check out the Google Open Source Blog post.

Docker for Mac with Kubernetes: One User’s Experience

As readers of this blog already know, Docker has embraced Kubernetes, with full integration and support of Kubernetes as part of the Docker platform. Now that Docker for Mac is available with full Kubernetes built in, one user has provided a blog post summarizing his first impressions. The post contains a bit of history, the pros and cons of various features, and a partial walkthrough of how to leverage various functionality. 

Docker for Mac with Kubernetes: Try It Yourself!

Docker for Mac with Kubernetes is now publicly available. This requires that you be using Docker for Mac in the edge channel. Check out Docker’s blog post for more information and suggested things to try.

Using DTR to Set Up Your Private Registry

A recent Docker blog post discusses “using your own private registry with Docker Enterprise Edition (EE).” The article discusses Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) — part of Docker’s EE offering — including installing it, pushing / pulling images, and keeping everything secure.

What’s New in Kubernetes 1.9

A recent article in The New Stack talks about the changes and updates in Kubernetes 1.9. Among them: detailed storage metrics, short circuit deny, developments to the workload API, and a beta for Windows support.



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