Red Hat Acquires CoreOS

Red Hat today announced the acquisition of container management startup CoreOS.

According to Red Hat’s press release, the move is meant to combine “CoreOS’s complementary capabilities with Red Hat’s already broad Kubernetes and container-based portfolio.” The move can also “further extend Red Hat’s leadership and influence in the Kubernetes upstream community and also bring new enhancements to Red Hat OpenShift,” according to an FAQ concerning the acquisition.

Notable CoreOS products include CoreOS (a Linux distribution) and Tectonic (for container management). CoreOS is also known for rkt, a container engine that was donated to the CNCF.

An analysis by The New Stack opines that the “real story” here “probably has more to do with Kubernetes” than with CoreOS’s Linux distro. As the article points out, “Red Hat placed Tectonic and Kubernetes at the front of all of its lists of reasons and questions about the proposed acquisition.”


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