TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (02/16/18-02/23/18)

Container Case Studies: ADP, PayPal, MetLife

A recent article in TechGenix discusses three “container success stories.” Among them: ADP (addressing developer momentum challenges, staying ahead of the competition), PayPal (performed datacenter moderinization with Docker), and MetLife (overhauled traditional apps with a three-step approach).

Modernize Your .NET App – A Tutorial

Docker, Inc. has started a new video series covering app modernization “for .NET developers and architects.” The tutorial series will turn a monolithic ASP.NET app into a distributed app “running across multiple containers.” Follow the link to access part one.

Get Started with Terraform

A recent post by Joyent walks through using Terraform to deploy and manage a simple app. According to the post, “Hashicorp’s Terraform is a tool designed for creating, managing, updating, and versioning reproducible application infrastructure.” In other words, it’s a way to manage infrastructure with code. Follow the link to get started using this powerful tool.

Securing Containers in Your Kubernetes Deployment

A recent post in The New Stack explores “container security considerations in a Kubernetes deployment.” The post walks through hardening nodes, securing the container images, and ensuring careful management of container registries. Follow the link to learn more about these important container security considerations. 

IoT 101

This past week, The New Stack shared a good primer on Internet of Things (IoT). The article covers IoT use cases, and interests / concerns from the development side. Additionally, the article provides a compare / contrast of three popular IoT platforms: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services.

Simplifying Kubernetes with Kublr

A recent article in The New Stack provides an overview of Kublr, a tool meant to simplify Kubernetes so you can “easily deploy, run, and manage your Kubernetes clusters on-premise or in the cloud.” The article provides a 101 primer of Kublr, including its control plane and advanced Kubernetes capabilities. The article also explores new Kublr features currently in development.


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