TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (03/02/18-03/09/18)

Docker Turning 5 — Meteoric Growth Continues

Docker is turning five this month. A recent Docker blog post celebrating that fact explores some numbers and case studies around Docker usage. According to the post, Docker EE (Docker’s commercially-supported “Enterprise Edition”) has over 450 customers. Meanwhile the Docker project has over 200 active user groups and some 15k Docker-related job listings on LinkedIn. Follow the link for more about Docker adoption and major case studies. 

DockerCon EU 2018 Announced

Docker has announced DockerCon EU 2018 – December 3-5 at CCIB Barcelona, Spain. The event is expected to draw 3000 attendees and will feature 7 talk tracks with 80+ speakers and sponsors. CFP and official registration will open soon, but there is a pre-registration available (gives you a discount off early bird pricing). Follow the link to learn more. 

Layer 7 Routing for Swarm Enhanced in Docker EE

The latest Docker EE beta release includes enhanced capabilities around layer 7 (application-layer) “routing and load balancing for Swarm-deployed applications.” The enhancements are based on a new Interlock 2.0 architecture for Swarm, which includes path-based routing and SSL termination, among other improvements.

Single Sign-On for Kubernetes

A recent article in The New Stack explores single sign-on (SSO) in Kubernetes. The article delves into authentication methods that Kubernetes supports — including static passwords, X.509 client certificates, and OpenID Connect – with a deeper dive into OpenID Connect.

Docker Swarm Tutorial

InfoWorld has a tutorial for getting started with Docker Swarm mode, published this past week. The article explores differences between Docker Swarm and Kubernetes and dives into some 101 walkthroughs for Docker Swarm.

Aqua Security 3.0 Launched

Aqua Security just launched version 3.0 of their product. Previously, the company had been focused solely on security for Docker containers. With this launch, their product is also well aligned with Kubernetes. This in response to what Aqua CTO called “a shift in the market” where “there is a great need for tools that will add value on top of what Kubernetes offers.” Follow the link to learn more about the feature changes and enhancements.

DreamWorks Case Study

iTnews has published an article exploring “DreamWorks steps toward a hybrid cloud.” According to the article, DreamWorks has already automated their software delivery pipeline and “overhauled its IT infrastructure, shifting from a traditional set-up to a private cloud.” The next step will be evolving the private cloud “into more of a hybrid cloud architecture.” Follow the link to learn more.


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