Docker Celebrates Fifth Birthday – Notes from Docker Las Vegas 3/16/18 Meetup

Docker is celebrating its fifth birthday this month with over 100 community events nationwide.

This has been an incredible growth story. Since its release as an open source project in March 2013, Docker has been adopted to the tune of 37 billion container downloads, 3.5 million Dockerized apps, and over 450 consumers of the Docker EE commercial offering.

The Docker Las Vegas meetup celebrated Docker’s fifth birthday in style, with a cake from Freed’s Bakery, plus workshops to get new Docker users up to speed. We saw a lot of new faces as well as regulars who helped with the mentoring process. A big thank you to our mentors for their help at last night’s event!

As part of our event last night, we also announced that InfoSiftr is hiring. We’re looking for a Linux sys admin / sys engineer (some Docker experience preferred). This person would be helping to triage a bug tracker.

We hope to see everyone at our next Meetup, April 19, 2018, at The InNEVation center. Follow the link to RSVP.



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