Lenovo Offering DevOps with OpenShift Solution

Our partner Lenovo is offering a “DevOps with OpenShift Solution,” as part of their larger portfolio around DevOps. This is an enterprise-grade solution, with “purpose-built” modular hardware and a container-based software platform (to better enable end-to-end software delivery).

According to Lenovo’s Joel Artzt, the company’s Data Center team has been speaking to “many customers seeking to accelerate their software development efforts.” Artzt calls the OpenShift solution the “perfect remedy” to enhance both speed and quality of software delivery for many customers.

With the help of partners (like us!) Lenovo is pairing services with their offering. Among them:

  • DevOps Business Acceleration
  • DevOps Pipeline Assessments
  • Container & Microservice Guidance
  • Software Code Security & Assurance

Want to hear more about what Lenovo has to offer? Drop us a line and let us know what you’re working on. And feel free to check out Joel Artzt’s LinkedIn post about this offering (there’s a cool video that goes along with it).


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