TL;DR – Last Week’s Container News (04/06/18-04/13/18)

Defining “Microservices” (and 3 Things You Can Do to Get Started)

A recent article in The New Stack provides a 101 overview of microservices and three tips you can use to get started. Among them: “implement build pipelines,” “engineered deployments,” and “reduce works in progress.” This article is part of a series around microservices, APIs, innovation, and digital transformation in general.

OCI Container Standard – Implications for Healthcare Apps

As regular readers of this blog know, there are myriad benefits to containerization – and to open container standards – for your app development workflow, deployment, and resource utilization. A recent article by HIT Infrastructure explores these benefits specifically as they relate to healthcare applications.

What is Kubernetes?

A recent article by IDG Connect gives a 101 overview of containers, Kubernetes, and container orchestration in general. It also explores the differences between Docker and Kubernetes. If you’re new to containers, this article may be helpful for you.

OCI Standardizing Container Image Distribution

Having already standardized the container image format and container runtime, the Open Container Initiative (OCI) is now working to standardize container image distribution. This according to an article in ZDNet. The article goes on to say that, “a solid, common distribution specification, paired with conformance testing, will ensure container interoperability across the cloud native and container ecosystem.”

This standard will be based on the Docker Registry V2 protocol, which has already become the de facto standard according to ZDNet. (Follow the link for Docker’s announcement about the OCI adopting their spec.)

For more coverage, see also the SDxCentral writeup, the article by Solutions Review, and The New Stack’s coverage.

“Contribute and Collaborate” Track Returning to DockerCon

DockerCon 2018 will feature a “contribute and collaborate” track, according to a Docker blog post. The stated goal of this track is to “raise awareness and educate users around the upstream components of the Docker Platform, provide a path for new contributors and unleash new opportunities for innovation and collaboration within the broader Cloud Native and Open Source communities.”

The track is composed of four half days, covering “Docker platform internals,” “cloud native projects,” “container innovation,” and “contribute 101” workshops.

Will the Telco Stack Embrace Kubernetes?

A recent article in The New Stack explores the possibility of a “migration away from OpenStack towards things like Kubernetes,” within the telco space. This move would be driven by a desire for greater simplicity, however, it may be held back by the “vastly heterogenous, natively non-scalable, state of today’s telco networks” which “essentially mandates the use of hypervisors.” The emergence of 5G could pave the way for the adoption of things like Kubernetes. 

Las Vegas a Burgeoning Tech Hub?

A recent article in InformationWeek explores “why IT professionals move to Las Vegas.” Among the reasons: low costs and no state income tax. The article profiles three tech professionals who relocated to Vegas discussing the reasons for their move.

Docker Video Series: Modernizing Java Apps

Docker has been sharing a video series around “modernizing Java apps for developers.” This week brings part five, the final installment. In this installment, they are using the “message service’s REST endpoint to replace one part of the application UI with a Javascript client.” Check it out at the link.

Joyent Triton Video: Using Terraform for Blue-Green Deployments

A recent video shared by Joyent shows you how to do blue-green deployments using Terraform. According to the video summary, this is “a way to deploy with confidence by reducing risk when updating. The blue-green model means “two versions of an application are maintained,” one live and one on standby (used for testing). Follow the link to see how it’s done.

DockerCon Diversity Scholarships: Now Accepting Applicants

Docker is inviting folks to apply for their DockerCon Diversity Scholarships. This program provides “members of the Docker community, who are traditionally underrepresented, a financial scholarship to attend DockerCon US 2018.” Deadline to apply is April 25. Follow the link to learn more.

Kubernetes High Availability

A recent article in The New Stack discusses “Kubernetes High Availability,” a way to ensure the stability of Kubernetes by setting up Kubernetes along with supporting components such as etcd, in such a way that there is no single point of failure.” Follow the link to learn how it’s done.

Nginx Simplifying Microservices

A recent article in The New Stack explores how “Nginx smooths the path to microservices.” According to the article, the company behind the open source Nginx web server is trying to make itself a “one-stop shop” for helping folks make the transition to microservices. They’re doing this through a variety of updates and new releases that share a common theme of “providing a single, consistent set of capabilities,” with a, “simple, single interface.”

IBM “Skinny” Mainframe

IBM is rolling out a 19-inch mainframe designed to “be easier to integrate into cloud data centers” according to an article by ZDNet. The skinny mainframe is built on the Z14 technology. Among the features: “Docker certified infrastructure for Docker EE with integrated management and scale tested up to 330,000 Docker containers.”


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