Docker Releases Enterprise Edition 2.0

Yesterday, Docker announced the release of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) 2.0, providing full commercial Kubernetes support for the first time, according to eWeek.

Docker EE 2.0 integrates features that were previously part of Docker Community Edition, “as well as enhanced enterprise grade capabilities.” This latest release will provide a “secured configuration of Kubernetes for container orchestration.”

It’s all part of a “platform that supports choice,” according to Docker. With Docker EE 2.0, customers can choose between Swarm or Kubernetes (or a mixture of both). This in addition to providing “multi-Linux, multi-OS, multi-cloud” capabilities. With Docker EE 2.0, users can deploy wherever they need, and orchestrate how they prefer.

Docker EE 2.0 also features secure application zones, “enhanced layer 7 routing for Swarm,” and Kubernetes conformance. Follow the links for Docker’s announcement and eWeek’s excellent coverage.


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